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Organic Soul

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  • Little Millet
  • Little Millet Is Full Of Antioxidants Similar As Polyphenols, Phenolic Compounds, And Tannins, Flavonoids That Help In Recovering From Ailments (Diseases) Similar As Diabetes, Cardiovascular Ailment (Disease), Hypertension, Inflammation And Gastrointestinal Problems. Combat Diabetes Little Millet Is A Low Glycemic Index Food Which Generally Means It Digests At A Slow Pace, So It Takes Longer For Glucose To Enter The Bloodstream And Hence Blood Sugar Situations (Levels) Are Stable. Helps Body Recapture (Regain) Protein After Illness Or Workout Aids In Treating Respiratory Conditions Similar As Asthma Improves Digestion Millets, Little Grains, Packed With Nutrition, Was The Food That Our Ancestors Ate Across The World. Resistant To Climatic Changes, Millets Grow Well Without The Attack (Onslaught) Of Chemicals, Fungicides And Diseases In Low Water Availableness. High In Protein, Fibre And Essential Nutrients, Millets Are Making A Comeback As The Super Food Of Hereafter!
  • About This Item:-
  • • A Precious Quality Un-Polished Little Millets That'S Gluten Free And Has A Low Glycemic Index Therefore It Might Be Truly Helpful In Regulating Glucose Situations (Levels). • Little Millet (Kutki) Is A Truly Heart Friendly Grain As It Contains Vitamin B3 (Niacin) And Magnesium Which Are Exceptionally Beneficent For Heart Health. • Little Millets Have An Enzyme Called Aldose Reductase, Which Is Useful To Reducing The Cataract Development. • Little Millet Makes Excellent Salads, Malt For Babies (Infants), And Flavorful Porridges. Healthy Curd- Rice, Upma, And Varied (Various) Other Foods Can Also Be Made From Little Millets. • Little Millets Useful Us With Detoxification Of Our Body • Unique Health Benefits Of Each Millet Give You All Round Nutrition And Boost Impunity (Immunity) • Increase Your Fiber Input (Intake), Regulate Blood Pressure, Loose Weight In A Healthy Way, And Boost Your Energy Situations Food Of Our Ancestors, These Grains Come To You As Nature Wishes You To Consume Them Every Packet Is A Thank You Note To India'S Borderline (Marginal) Agriculturists (Farmers) Who Grow Food With Godlike Passion • Submissive (Vegetarian), Use For All Gender
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