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  • Lemon Grass Tisane
  • Lemongrass Tisane Is Sourced (Delivered) From Certified Organic Granges (Farms). Lemongrass Tea Is Made From The Dried Leaves Or Stalks Of The Lemongrass Factory Known By The Botanical Name Cymbopogom. The Neat (Best) Lemongrass Tea Is Brewed In South Asia. Present, Fresh Organic Lemongrass Tea Is A Common Find In Utmost Homes.
  • The Lemongrass Factory (Plant) Is Also Generally Known As Tanglad, Barbed Wire Grass, Citronella Grass, And Silky Heads. The Factory (Plant) Has Numerous (Many) Different Species Including Citronella Lawn (Grass), But The Species Used For Tea Is Largely Cymbopogon Citratus. Lemongrass Tea Bags Are Naturally Caffeine-Free & Can Be Treats For All Day Without Adverse Any Side Effects On Sleep. Lemongrass Tisane Loose- Leaf Is Indeed Better As The Aroma Is Just Heavenly. Thanks To Its Acidity, The Lemongrass Tea Greasepaint (Powder)Can Be Added In Place Of Lemon Juice To Warm Water.
  • About This Item:-
  • • A Tisane Is A French Word For Infusions Made From Seasonings (Herbs), Spices And Flowers • Organic Soul Grows All Invested Seasonings At Their Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms) • The Lemongrass Tisane/ Tea Blend Contains Vitamin A And C Along With Zinc And Iron • It'S Known To Help (Aid) In Digestion, Cleanses & Detoxifies • It Has Antiseptic, Antipyretic &Anti-Inflammatory Parcels (Properties) And Is Relieving To Sip When You Have The Common Cold • A Natural Organic Fresh Lemongrass Tea’S Soothing Aroma(Fragrant) Is Excellent For Relieving Stress & Anxiety • Lemongrass Tea/ Tisane Has Calming Parcels (Properties) Which Help In Inducing Sleep
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