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  • Kodo Millet
  • Kodo Millets Are Low Gi Gluten Free Whole Grains With High Fibre Content Than White Rice. It Is Truly Much Suitable For People To Help Control Blood Sugar Situations (Levels).
  • Kodo Millets Are Excellent For Fasting & Weight Loss. Millets Are A Good Source Of Much Digestible Protein Is Least Calorific (Caloric) Thick And Has High Absorption Of Nutrients. Kodo Millets Have The Power To Detox Each And Every Part Of The Human Body. Cleans The Skin In And Out. They Contain High Quantity Of B Vitamins, Niacin, Folic Acid And Minerals Similar As Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorous And Calcium. The Plenty (Abundance) Of Antioxidants, Primarily (Tryptophan And Amino Acids) In Millets Helps In Fighting Ailments (Disease) And Raising Impunity (Immunity). It Works Stunningly In Relieving Illnesses Like Migraine.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Health Benefits Kodo Millet Are Low Gi, Gluten Free Food Grains With High Fibre Content Than White Rice. It Is Truly Important Suitable For Diabetic People To Help Control Blood Sugar Situations (Levels). • History Kodo Millet Is A Periodic Native Grain That'S Grown Primarily In India, Nepal And Also In Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand And West Africa. • Cuisine Replace White Rice With Kodo Millets For Any Form. Soak In Water For An Hour Before Cooking. Cook In Rice Cooker Or Pressure Cooker Just Like White Rice. Can Be Used To Make Kichdi, Pongal, Pulav. It Is A Nutritional Replacement To Rice For Making Dosa And Idli Batter As It Grinds Well In The Grinder When Soaked Overnight. Sweet Dishes Like Kheer And Payasam Can Also Be Go (Prepared) Using Kodo Millets. • Neat And Clean Buy Our Millet Online Which Is Newly Harvested Organic Kodomillets. Enjoy The True Flavor Of Our Millet Grains In The Most Natural Taste & Form • Farming Millets Are Sustainable Crops That Needs Truly Less Water To Grow When Compared To Rice Or Wheat. They Are A Ground (Grass) Species And Grow In A Short Span Of 3- 4 Months. They Are Naturally Pest Resistant And Do Not Need Any Chemicals To Grow And Hence Organic.
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