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  • Kasturi Methi
  • Kasuri Methi Is An Ancient Spice. It'S Generally Dried Fenugreek Leaves And Is A Common Seasoning (Herb) Mainly Used To Add Flavour And Aroma To The Dishes. It'S A Good Source Of Dietetic Fiber, High In Protein Content, And Is Rich In Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Carotene, Thiamine, Niacin, And Vitaminc. Also, It'S Low In Calories. Benefits Helps With Gastrointestinal Problems, Reduces Cholesterol, Helps In Controlling Diabetes, Prevents Respiratory Problems And Prevents Skin Illnesses (Diseases).
  • Kasuri Methi These Fantastic Green Leaves Of Fenugreek Plants Are Scientifically Graded & Dried. Used To Conduct (Impart) A Rich Aroma To All Curries, Dry Dishes, Pulses (Lentils), Etc. Directions For Use Soak Fenugreek Leaves In Boiling Water With A Little Swab (Salt). Fenugreek Leaves Can Be Add To Dal & Vegetable To Enhance Their Taste & Flavor. Fenugreek Leaves Can Be Added To Flour To Make Delicious Paratha, Chapati And Naan.
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  • • Kasturi Methi- Methis Leaves, Dried Fenugreek Leaves, They'Ve Slightly Bitter Yet Strong Taste And Are Extensively Used In Indian Food Dishes. • Kasturi Methi Introduce To Dried Leaves Of The Fenugreek Plant. It'S A Seasoning (Herb) With A Bitter But Addicting Taste. Kasuri Methi Used As A Spice In Indian Dishes, Recipes & Curries, Its Strong Aroma And Distinctive Flavor Fascinate The Taste • Add To Whole Wheat Dough To Make Flavorful Delicious Khakhras, Parathas, Rotis, Theplas,Or Add In Any Recipes To Add Strong Flavor & Aroma • Medicinally Fenugreek Is Stringy And Helps In Perfecting Blood Cholesterol Position (Level), Reduces Blood Sugar Position (Level), Relieves Fever And Eases Flu Symptoms • As It Has A Beautiful Aroma, It'S Frequently Used To Give A Final Touch Of Perfection To Varied (Various) Food Preparations. Sometimes It'S Also Used As A Major Component In Certain Food Dishes • A Tablespoon Of This Spice In Sabjis And Daal Can Make A Huge Difference In The Taste While Bringing Out The Flavour Of Other Dishes As Well. The Parathas Made From It Aren'T Only Good For Health But Also A Delicious Way To Enjoy It. A Dash Of Kasuri Methi In Rice Preparations Enhances The Flavour Of Dishes Fully
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