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  • Javitri
  • Mace (Javitri) Is The Lacy Covering Of The Nutmeg Seeds. Our Mace Is Regionally Grown And Is Delicately Handpicked & Packed With Almost Care. Mace Is A Sister Spice Of Nutmeg But Is Subtler In Flavor And Has A Subtly Pungent And Racy Flavor And Is Used Extensively In Baked Goods And In Gravies (Marinades).
  • Mace Is Truly The Outside Shell Of The Nutmeg Fruit. It Provides A Lighter, More Comforting Taste. Mace Is Giving In Its Whole Form To Maintain Every Aspect Of The Spices Flavor, Color As Well As Aroma.
  • Benefits Of Mace:-
  • Mace Contains Varied (Various) Vitamins And Minerals. It’S Anti-Inflammatory As Well As Antibacterial Parcels (Properties) Works Miracles For Skin Care. Other Benefits Of Mace Include Digestive Health, Oral Health, Pain Relief, Like (Kidney) Health, Etc. Mace Has A Unique Use In Traditional Indian Medication (Medicine), Wherein It Works As An Antidepressant And Helps Control Anxiety. Though Mace Has Lots Of Health Benefits, It Must Be Used In Controlled Quantities.
  • About This Item:-
  • • It Has A Beautiful Aroma. It'S Used In Baked Goods, And Can Also Be A Part Of Meat Dishes, Stew, Etc. • Mace (Javitri) Is The Lacy Covering Of The Nutmeg Seed But Differs In Flavor By Being Subtly Pungent And Gamy • Mace Is Naturally Defended From Environmental Poisons And Fungicides As It'S Enveloped By A Subcaste Of Fruit Around It. • Mace Contains A Variety Of Nutrients Similar As Bobby , Vitamin B6, Calcium And Salutary Filaments. A Tea Made From A Admixture Of Nutmeg Mace And Cream Is Frequently Specified By Croakers In Perfecting Digestive Health And Relieves Indigestion And Stomach Ulcers. • Benefits In Cold, Cough And Asthma. Useful In Dry Cough As Well. • Apply A Paste Made With Milk To Palliate Pustules And Give The Face A Gleam. • Relieves Dysmenorrheal Pain In Women.
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