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Organic Soul

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  • Jaggery Lump
  • Jaggery Lump Are Made From The Finest Quality Sugarcane Sourced From Certified Organic Granges Across India. So, Needless To Say, The Potassium Content Of Organic Jaggery Gur Maintains Electrolyte Balance, Improves Metabolism & Helps Indigestion. Pure And Free From Additives, This Organic Jaggery Cells Goes A Long Way In Purification Blood And In Leaving The Body Healthy.
  • Rich In Minerals, Used As Additive In Regional Remedies For Cough And Cold. It Provides Energy Slow And Over A Longer Period. Best Replacement For Sugar. It'S Used In Making Varied Types Of Sweet Dishes And It'S An Integral Part Of Indian Carnivals. Transfer Contents Into An Air Tight Glass Or Clean Steel Container And Store In A Cool And Dry Place.
  • About This Item-
  • • Organic Jaggery Lump Is Made From Organically Grown Sugar Cane Without Dangerous Chemicals And Fungicides. • Organic Jaggery Lump Goes A Long Way In Purification Blood And In Leaving The Body Healthy. • Jaggery Lump Is 100% Certified As Per Usda Organic And India Organic Standards. • Jaggery Is Known To Have Remedial And Medicinal Benefits We'Re Completely Apprehensive Of The Medicinal And Culinary Importance Of Jaggery Holds In The Indian Cookery • Jaggery Lump Cubes Are Generally Used For Tea, Coffee, Milkshakes, Sabji, Dal Etc To Make Them Flavorful And Healthy Sugar Choice For Diurnal Use, Organically Grown Without Fungicides And Fertilizers • Jaggery Lump Cubes Fends Off Constipation By Helping Digestion. It Activates The Digestive Enzymes In Our Body, Therefore Helps In Proper Digestion Of Food. • We Use The Most Nutritional Sugar Canes To Extract Our Jaggery Cells And Insure It'S Brought To You Free Of All Chemicals And Rich In Vitamins And Minerals.
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