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  • Honey Wild
  • This Wild Honey Is Natural (Unprocessed), Unaltered And Unpasteurized. It'S Sourced From The Wild Beehives Of Western Ghats And Is Known To Be Untouched By Pollution, Fungicides (Pesticides) And Antibiotics. It Has A Dark Color Along With A Rich Taste And It Can Be Used In Multiple Methods To Add A Saccharine (Sugary) Sweet Flavor. This Wild Honey Is Known To Be Collected From The Western Ghats Of India. It'S Known To Be Sourced From The Beehives By The Native People Living In The Forestland Using Styles That Don'T Harm The Bees. Since The Honey Is Uprooted From Wild Beehives, It'S Said To Be Free Of Chemicals. The Honey Is Devoid Of Pollution, Fungicides And Antibiotics. This Is Raw, Pure(Unfiltered), Unprocessed And Unpasteurized Honey. This Natural Honey Is Perfected With Essential Vitamins. It'S Also Known To Be A Great Source Of Simple Carbohydrates, Glucose And Minerals Like As Calcium, Bobby (Copper) , Iron, Magnesium And Further. This Honey Has A Dark Color And Has A Rich Taste That Can Vary From Batch To Batch, Since The Bees Collect Nectar From Wild Flowers. This Honey Has A Sweet Flavor And Is Truly Thick In Consistency.
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  • • Wild Forestland Honey Wild Honey Collected From The Wild Forestland Of India Free From Pollution And Free Of Fungicides, Antibiotics Or Other Chemicals And Bee Hives Is From The High Mountain And Forestland Regions. • 100% Pure And Natural Wild Honey Is 100% Pure And Natural Honeys. It'S A Raw, Pure, Unprocessed And Unpasteurized Honey. • Handcrafted With Care & Love We Supplies Our Nature Honey In Glass Jars. Our Succulent Wild Honey Is A Perfect Natural Sweetener For Several Drinks And Treats (Desserts) • Universal Use Perfect And Amazing Pairing To Roasted Nuts, Grilled Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Fish Marinade, Adulation (Butter), Root Vegetables Or Drizzled On Cheese.
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