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Organic Soul

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  • Hing
  • Asafoetida Powder( Hing) Is Used Normally In Indian Cuisine (Cooking) For Flavor. It'S Added In Moment Volumes(Quantities) As A Greasepaint (Powder), Or When Dissolved In Water. It'S A Truly Strong Onion- Garlic Aroma And Is Used In Small Volumes To Indian Dishes. Asafoetida Is Given For Food As Weel As Breathing Problems Including And Asthma. It Is Also Given(Used) For Digestion Problems Including Intestinal Gas, Upset Stomach, Irritable Bowel And Irritable Colon.
  • Asafetida Spice( Hing) Is The Perfect Component To Add Unique Aroma And Flavor To Your Food. It Goes Well With Both Submissive (Vegetarian) And Non-Vegetarian Cookeries. Traditionally Used In Ayurvedic Medications (Medicines), Small Pinch Of This Organic Hing Has Numerous Health Benefits Too.
  • About This Item:-
  • • It'S Hygienically Processed By Using Active Constituents And Has Strong Aroma Flavour Enhancer • Add This Spice To Indian Methods Similar As Lentils And Soups For A Flavorful Home Cooked Delicious Meal Experience. • Asafoetida- Hing( Also Locally Known As Perungayam, Kayam, Hing Etc) Is Made From The First Milk Excerpt (Extract) Of Asafoetida Plant Thereby Delivering High Aroma, Taste And Numerous Further Health Benefits. • Asafoetida- Hing Is Available In Both Greasepaint And Cake Formats. • Asafoetida- Hing Greasepaint (Powder)To Your Dishes To Enhance Aroma, Taste And Health Benefits. • Asafoetida – Hing Make Your Dish Delicious And Healthy. 1. Add1/2 Tsp Of Asafoetida Greasepaint (Powder) Directly In Hot Oil( Tempering) And Use To Flavor Dal, Sambar, Rasam, Chutneys Etc.
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