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Organic Soul

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  • Ghee Deshi
  • Cow Ghee Is Made From The Milk Of Cows That Graze Freely On The Mineral-Rich Grass, Seasonings (Herbs) And Medicinal Plants. Made Using Traditional Styles, Our Ghee Is Largely Nutritional, Has A Rich Authentic Flavor & Aroma, And Granulated Texture. Our Ghee Is 100% Natural And Has No Preservatives And Colors. Enjoy This Desi Ghee Which Has A Rich Aroma, Golden Grainy Texture, And Consistent Quality. This Cow Ghee Not Only Complements Your Cuisine (Cooking) But Also Adds A Tempting Aroma To Your Dishes. Deshi Cow Ghee Naturally Contains Vitamin A Which Is Known To Support Impunity (Immunity). So, Add A Spoonful Of Tastiness To Your Meal.
  • About This Item:-
  • 1. Inflammation Can Damage Blood Vessels, And Cause Heart Sicknesses And Strokes. Omega 3 Adipose Acids In Ghee Reduce Inflammation. They Also Reduce Triglycerides, Which Are Known To Condense The Artery Causing Heart Related Ailments. 2. Burns Body Fat – Ghee Is A Natural Source Of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Which Increases Oxygen Consumption, And Spending Of Energy In The Body And It Used To Increased Fat Burning Volume In The Body. 3. Strong Bones – Naturally Occurring Vitamin K2 In Ghee Helps In Strengthening Bones And Teeth, By Helping The Deposit Of Calcium In The Right Places. It Also Helps In Preventing Calcium Make Up In Soft Tissues. 4. Muscle Growth – Ghee Is Rich In Vitamins A &E. Vitamin A Aids In Protein Conflation And Glycogen Production, Therefore Helping Muscle Growth. 5. Cow Ghee Is Energy Packed With The Nutrition That Your Body Needs. Our Cow Ghee Is Largely Nutritional And Contains A Rich And Authentic Flavor And Natural Aroma. It'S A 100% Natural And Pure Cow Ghee That'S Made From The Milk Of Free- Range Cows That Graze Simply On Mineral-Rich Grass, Seasonings (Herbs), And Medicinal Plants. 6. Cow Ghee Is A Rich Source Of Essential Nutrients. It Contains Antioxidants, Vitamin A, B2, B3, K2, Omega 3, And 9 Adipose Acids. It'S One Of The Strongest Natural Antioxidants And Helps In Taking Care Of The Body'S Overall Health Making It A Great Alternative To Refined Canvases (Oils). 7. Cow Ghee Is Also Known To Help Heart Health. It Contains Omega 3 Adipose Acids That Help In Reducing Fat Cells, Triglycerides( Dangerous In Excess), And Inflammation In The Body. All This Added Promotes Heart Health. Our Natural Cow Ghee Is A Great Source Of These Omega 3 Adipose Acids Which Help To Make Your Heart Healthy And Happy
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