Organic Soul Foxtail 500Gm

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Organic Soul

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  • Foxtail
  • Foxtail Millet Is Rich In Iron, Protein, Fibre, Minerals, Vitamin B12 And Is A Healthy Feed (Meal) Altogether. Foxtail Millet Is Uncompromised For Its Quality And Is Lab Tested For Chastity (Purity). Foxtail Millet Is Used For Preparing Delicious (Tasty) Dishes Like Upma, Dosa, Idli, Biryani, Porridge, Etc. Foxtail Millet Is A Warm Season Crop, Can Be Grown In Dry (Arid) Andsemi-Arid Region. This Crop Thrives Well In Drought Conditions. Foxtail Millet Is Well Honored (Recognized) As A Short Duration And Failure Tolerant Crop. Our Decoration (Premium) Rugged (Unpolished)Foxtail Millets, Offer You A Diurnal Dose Of Essential Proteins And Good Fats. You Can Use It As A Substitute For Rice; You Can Use It To Make All The Dishes You Generally Use Rice For. It'S An Ideal Option For People Following A Millet Diet; It Also Aids In Weight Operation (Management). Foxtail Millet Is An Ideal Diet Option That Helps Increase Your Iron- Content And Is Loaded With Essential Nutrients. You Can Make A Variety Of Dishes With Our Gluten-Free Foxtail Millet Like Salads, Idli, Halwas, Hotcakes (Pancakes), Khichdi, Upma And Dosas.
  • About This Item
  • • Foxtail Millet Is Rich In Carbohydrates, Which Presents As An Excellent Source Of Energy From Carbs. • Organic Foxtail Millet Is A Food Rich In Dietetic Fiber And Minerals Similar As Bobby (Copper) And Iron. • Foxtail Millet Can Also Be Mixed With Other Grains Similar As Wheat To Make Baked Goods Similar As Chuck (Bread) As Well As Noodles. • Organic Foxtail Millet Has Been A Chief (Staple) For Numerous Lifestyles (Cultures) For Thousands Of Times (Years) And Has Newly Seen A Rise In Popularity. • Organic Foxtail Millet Is A Whole Grain That'S Rich In Protein And Fiber. Foxtail Millet Benefits From A Mellow Taste, Crunch Textured & It Easier To Digest Making It Perfect For Any Age Groups. • Foxtail Millet Is A Flavorful Gluten Free Cereal, Grown For Centuries For Its Nutrition And Versatility.
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