Organic Soul Flax Seed 125Gm

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Organic Soul

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  • Flax Seed
  • Flax Seeds Is A Nutrition Power House Product & It’S Used For The Many (Various) Health Benefits Over The Centuries Similar (Such) As Diabetes, Skin Health, Heart Conditions, Constipation And Numerous (Many) Further. It'S A Higher Source Of Omega 3 Adipose (Fatty) Acids- Heart Healthy, Alpha- Linoleic Acids And Offers A Numerous (Many) Of Beneficent Nutrients Similar As Vitamins, Fibres, Protein, Minerals, And Antioxidants. Flax Seeds For Weight Operation, Organic Flax Seeds Are Raw & Unroasted And Naturally Contains Dietetic Fiber That'S Known To Delay Stomach Clearing (Emptying) Which Is Useful You To Keep Fuller For Longer & Out From Binge- Eating & Helps In Weight Loss. Flax Seeds For Heart Health, Flax Seeds Are Known To Be Naturally Rich & High In Omega- 3 Adipose (Fatty) Acids. Omega- 3 Is Set Up (Found) To Be Useful In Cholesterol Situations (Levels) & Inflammation Reduction In The Body. Flax Seeds For Bones, Flax Seeds Are A Factory (Plant) Grounded (Based) Great Source Of Calcium & Other Bone Healthy Minerals Like Zinc And Magnesium Which Support Bone Health.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Self-Starter (Powerhouse) Of Nutrition Flaxseeds Are Packed With Omega 3 Adipose (Fatty) Acids, Protein, Fibers, Vitamins. • Feel Fuller A Pair Of Fiber And Protein That Helps In Keeping You Satisfied All Day Long. • A Universal Kitchen Premier Flax Seeds Add A Nice (Pleasant) Nutty Flavor And Boost Your Everyday Nutrition • Antioxidants In These Flax Seeds Avoid The Dangerous(Harmful) Free Radicals From Entering Into The Body And Causing Hurt (Harm) To The Immune System • Skin Care The Alpha- Linoleic Acids Present In Flax Seeds Can Help In Reducing The Clearness (Dryness) Of Skin And Therefore Better (Improve) The Quality Of The Skin.
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