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Organic Soul

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  • Damnush
  • Organic Damnoosh Herbal Tea Persian Drinks Mostly Contain Factory (Plant)Extracts And Their Focus Is On Health. In Persia, There'S Always A Drink To Treat Health Issues Similar As Sleeplessness (Insomnia), Headache, Nausea, And Dizziness. In General, Persian Drinks That Are Suitable For Summer Are Called Syrups, And Herbal Teas That Are Suitable For The Layoff (Winter) Are Called Damnoosh. These Drinks Are Available In Numerous (Many) Cafes, Coffee Shops, And Other Places And They'Ve Roots In Ancient Persia. The Pure And Natural Damnoosh Tea Is An Organic Tea That'S Excellent For Skin Shine. This Ayurvedic Tea (Damnoosh Tea) Is Also Known To Be A Great Tea For Acne. Start Your Day With Damnoosh Tea & See For Yourself!
  • About This Item:-
  • • Organic Soul Damnoosh, Damnoosh Is A Persian Word For Brewed Herbal Infusion • Bright Orange Saffron In This Decoration (Premium) Organic Chai/ Infusion Lends The Organic Tea An Fantastic Aroma • The Saffron (Kesar) In The Tea Is Also Known To Increase Vitality & Useful To Blood Sugar Problems • Organic Rose Petals In This Damnoosh Natural Tea Concoction Hydrates The Skin & Is An Effective Anti-Allergin • Organic Cardamom In This Decoration (Premium) Organic Tea Is A Good Detoxifier And Antiseptic, It Also Controls Bad Breath And Therefore Acts As A Mouth Freshener • Organic Almonds That Are Packed Solo (Separately) Come On(Along) With This Tea Is One Of The Neat (Best)Natural Sources Of Vitamin E • Nutmeg In This Tea For Acne Detoxifies The Body, Boosts Skin Quality, Helps With Blood Rotation (Circulation) And Helps To Reduce The Frequencies Of Sleeplessness(Insomnia)
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