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  • Cumin
  • Cumin (Jeera) Seed Is Freshest Of Precious Quality Sorted Cumin Seeds Sourced From The Neat Granges (Farms). Jeera Is A Strong Spice, Mainly Used As Whole In Tadka. People Use Ginni Cumin Seed To Add Added Taste To Their Food. Cumin Seed Is Another Staple Indian Spice. It Offers A Strong, Unique And Soothing Aroma. Still, Jeera Seed Is Well- Known Not Just For Its Flavour, But Also For Their Health Benefits. Jeera Seed Is Helpful In Reducing The Danger Of Diabetes. Cumin Seed Is Good For Reducing The Danger Of Heart Sicknesses.
  • Jeera Or Cumin Seeds- The Definitive (Quintessential) Indian Spice Is An Addition To A Number Of Dishes; Be It Dal Or As Tempering For A Dish. But Did You Know That Primarily Indians Added This Spice To Their Dish, Not Only For Its Awesome Flavour And Aroma, But Also For The Number Of Health Benefits It Has. This Spice Can Help Better Digestion, Beat Sleeplessness (Insomnia).
  • About This Item:-
  • • Due To Its High Fibre Content, Jeera Boosts The Exercise Of The Gastrointestinal Tract Which In Turn Stimulates Enzyme Secretion. This Is Why Jeera Greasepaint (Powder) Is Normally Used As A Natural Laxative. In Fact, Its Laxative Parcels (Properties) Are So Strong That Ayurveda Practitioners Believe That It'S Able Of Helping And Healing Severe Digestive Illnesses Like Piles. • The Potent Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Fungal Parcels Of Cumin Seed, Makes It A Great Home Remedy For Cold And Asthma. These Composites Soothe Inflamed Muscles And Boost Your Impunity (Immunity) To Fight The Infection. • Jeera Seed Is Fragrant (Aromatic). It'S A Rich Source Of Iron. • Jeera Seed Is Preservative Free. Jeera Seeds Are Well Known For Its Digestive Parcels, To Treat Dysentery And Are Used In A Variety Of Indian Dishes. • It Has No Added Flavours And Colours And This Enable Authentic Aroma, Flavor And Texture To Your Dish. • Cumin ( Jeera) Seed Is Freshest Of Precious Quality Sorted Cumin Seeds Sourced From The Neat Granges(Farms).
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