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Organic Soul

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  • Black Masala Tea
  • Black Masala Chai, Is A Mix (Blend) Of Strong And Full Bodied Decoration (Premium) Black Tea And Natural Fantastic Indian Dry Spices Which Include Cardamom, Go(Ginger), Cloves, Black Pepper And Cinnamon. This Mix When Brewed Creates The Perfect Mug (Cup) Of Tea Tasting Just Like The Handmade Masala Chai.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Black Masala Tea- Each Of Its Constituents (Ingredients) Has Its Own Unmistakable Flavor, Aroma And Taste. Brings Alive A Wide Spread (Spectrum)Of Passions (Feelings), Through A Fascinating Range Of Iced Brews, Black Tea, Green Teas, Flower And Fruit Infusions. • Sip- It- Fresh Every Time- Separately (Individually) Sealed To Preserve The Flavor, Aroma (Fragrance), & Color Of The Fresh Slice (Leaf), Resulting In An Mouthwatering(Appetizing) Mug (Cup) Of Tea. • Great Taste And Aroma- Our Masala Chai Is Fragrant (Aromatic) And Distinctive With The Perfect Balance Of The Spiciness Of Black Pepper And Clove With The Sweet Notes Of Cinnamon And Cardamom. • Tea Profile Indulge In The Rich Mix (Blend) Of Indian Spices And Full- Bodied Black Tea Leaves To Get The True' Desi' Flavor In Every Mug (Cup). • Masala Tea May Instanter Refreshen And Wake You Up. The Mix Is A Perfect Pick Against Morning Blues Or Evening Drowsiness. The Spices Like Cloves, Pepper, Cardamom May Help Boost Metabolism And Therefore Keep You Amped (Energized) . • Black Masala Tea Is Prepared Using Strong Black Tea With Fragrant (Aromatic) Spices That Brings Briskness And Astringency To The Infusion – Therefore; You Can Enjoy This Mix With Milk.
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