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  • Barnyard Milet
  • Barnyard Millet Grown Under Natural Precipitation Is A Fast ‐ Growing Periodic (Annual) Summer Crop For Both Food And Fodder. Rapid Growth, Drought Patience And Capability To Grow In Borderline (Marginal) Atmospheres (Environment) Make Barnyard Millet An Important Crop For Shortage (Famine) Areas. Barnyard Millet Can Be Served As Porridge Or Dosa, Idli, Cheela, Kheer, By Replacing Regular Rice.
  • This Barnyard Millet Is Containing Excellent Source Of Dietary Fiber Content. A Great Source Of Iron. Good Source Of Protein. Such Like All Millets, This Millet Is Also Gluten Free. It Contains Both Solvable (Soluble) And Insolvable (Insoluble) Fiber Content Which Prevents From Constipation, Extra (Excess) Gas, Bloating And Cramping. It'S The Least Calorific (Caloric) Thick Compared To Other Cereals. Barnyard Millets Are Low Gi Gluten Free Whole Grains With High Fibre Content Than White Rice. It Is Truly Important Suitable For People To Help Control Blood Sugar Situations (Levels). Barnyard Millets Are Excellent For Fasting & Weight Loss.
  • About This Item:-
  • • It Can Be Useful To Make The Rice Dishes Like- Idli, Dosa & Khichdi • Health Benefits Barnyard Millets Are A Rich Source Of Fiber & Iron • Nutritive Contents They Also Contain Nutrients Like Calcium And Phosphorus Which Are Essential For Healthy Bones. • Cultivation Barnyard Millet Is Mainly Cultivated In Soils Of Borderline Fertility
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