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  • Ajwain
  • Ajwain Is A Plant Found In India, Pakistan And South East Asia Whose Seeds Are Used As Spice. Ajwain Seeds Are Egg- Shaped And Grayish In Colour. Ajwain Seeds That Have Slightly Bitter Taste & Pungent With A Distinctive Aroma. Ajwain Is Frequently Used For Tadka In Indian Cuisine. It'S Also A Good Preservative Used In Pickles. Since Ancient Times Ajwain Is Used As A Medicinal Component In Ayurveda.
  • Ajwain Can Be Used As A Digestive, Bite (Chew) A Handful Of It Raw And Drink A Glass Of Warm Water Over It For Ingestion And Constipation. It'S Judicious (Advisable) To Add A Handful Of Ajwain To A Bowl Of Hot Water And Inhale Its Steam For Blocked Nose And Sinus. Ajwain Oil Also Helps The Rheumatic Pain.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Ajwain Seeds Have Long Been Used In Traditional Ayurvedic And Unani Medicinals For Varied (Various) Ailments. Extraction Attained From This Spice Is Occasionally Used As Carminative In Treating Flatulence And Indigestion. • Ajwain Has A Nice (Pleasant) Fragrant Taste Having Ground- Grey To Greyish Brown In Colour • Inhalation Of The Steam Of Carom Seeds Makes Breathing Pattern Easier. Thus, Those Suffering From Asthma Can Help A Lot From These Seeds • Carom Seeds Can Be Fried For Treating Recurrent And Chronic Cold Wave. Inhaling The Steam Of Carom Seeds Is Also Good For Those Suffering From Headache And Migraine. • Helpful In Treating Kidney Stones And Other Affiliated Illnesses. • Good Appetizer And Laxative, Effective For Cough And Cold Wave, Cures Abdominal Pain, Remedy For Nausea, Pungent And Bitter.
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