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Organic Soul

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  • After Dinner Tisane
  • Organic Herbal After Dinner Tisane Tea/ Tea Bag (Green Tea) As The Name Suggests, Organic Soul’S After Dinner Tisane Is Perfect To Be Consumed Right After A Heavy Or Right Dinner. Organic Soul Sources Its Tea And Also Makes A Special Decoction From Seasonings (Herbs) Grown At Their Own Organic Certifiable Granges (Farms). After Dinner Tisane Has A Stimulating (Refreshing) Taste And Comes With A Breath Of Fresh Air That Submerges You Into A Relaxing (Calming) Trance- Suchlike State That'S Extremely Healthy After A Excited (Hectic) Day And A Heavy Feed (Meal)! It'S Also The Neat (Best) Tea/ Tisane For Digestion And Helps To Get A Good Night’S Sleep, So Hellow Sweet Dreams!
  • About This Item:-
  • Organic Soul After Tisane, A Tisane Is A French Word For Infusions Made From Seasonings (Herbs), Spices And Flowers. Organic Soul Grows All Invested (Infused) Seasonings (Herbs) At Their Certifiable Organic Granges (Farms) After Regale Tisane/ Tea Is An Infusion Of Fennel, Nettle, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Spearmint Nettle Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamins And Minerals Similar (Such) As A&B Complex, Calcium, Iron And Zinc Nettle In This Pure Natural Tea/ Tisane Is Known To Stimulate Digestion, Soothe Downs (Allergies) And Boost Impunity (Immunity) Nettle In This Organic Natural & Soothing Tea Also Useful To Clear Acne And Acne Scars After Dinner Tea/ Tisane’S Input (Intake) Helps To Relax As It Eases Nervous Stress (Tension) It'S The Neat (Best) Organic Tea/ Tisane That Promotes A Healthy Sleep Cycle And Keeps The Circadian Beat (Rhythm) In Check The Herbal Component (Ingredient) Fennel In This Tisane Acts As A Mild Laxative And Controls Bad Breath
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