Organic Soul A2 Cow Ghee (Gir) 350Ml

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Organic Soul

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  • A2 Cow Ghee (Gir)
  • We Believe That The Positivity Of Our Process Can Be Transferred Into The Quality Of Our Ghee. We Use Cruelty-Free Methods And Procure Our A2 Quality Milk From Free Grazed, Indian Gir Cows. Supporting The Indigenous Community, Our A2 Ghee Is Made In The Deep Towns, Where The Custodians Of Bilona Method Knowledge Work Endearingly To Deliver Only The Best Quality Ghee.
  • Traditional Bilona Method - We Take Pride In The Fact That Our Ghee Is Hand-Churned By The Traditional Bilona Method By Women From Indigenous And Grass-Root Communities Who Are Custodians Of Traditional Knowledge Passed Down Through Generations.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Bilona Method (Vedic Process) The Premium A2 Milk From The Gir Cows Is First Turned Into Curd By Using A Microbe Culture. We Then Churn The Curd With Bilona Method As Mentioned In Ayurveda For Hours To Separate The Butter Before Boiling It To Turn It Into Ghee. • Healthiest & Purest: A2 Gir Cow Milk Is Used To Prepare The Excellent In Quality & Taste. A2 Cow Ghee And It Takes Approx.27 Liters Of Farms Gir Cow Milk To Make 1 Liter Of A2 Gir Cow Ghee • Flavor & Pleasant Aroma: With Its Pleasant Flavor & Aroma, Our Vedic Ghee Makes Every Dish In Your Home Satiating And Delicious. • Healthy & Booster: Boost Body Energy And Detoxify The Body, It Helps In Increasing Intelligence And Memory Power, It Contain Rich Source Of Vitamin A, D, E And K • Nourishes The Body & Heals: Regular Consumption Of Our High Quality A2 Ghee Helps Reduce Cholesterol Improves The Heart'S Functioning And Reduces Joint Pain. • Naturally Better The Reproductive Power, Great For Growing Children, Slow The Aging Process And Also Helpful In Pregnancy.
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