Organic Kashmiri Kahwa 250 Gm

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  • Organic Kashmiri Kahwa- Being Organic, Our Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Is Free From Any Chemical Or Fungicide And This Tea Forms The Base Of The Kahwa And Is An Abundant Source Of Antioxidants. Delight The Succulent Taste, Health & Aroma Of Kahwa (A Most Appreciated Form From Kashmir, India). A Sip Will Take Your Senses To The Beautiful Valley Of Kashmir Contains Cinnamon, Green Tea, Saffron, And Green Cardamom.
  • Kashmiri Kahwa-A Fine Grade Of Green Tea, Blended With Cinnamon Sticks And Crushed Green Cardamom. A Health-Beneficial And Largely-Delicious Beverage Originating From The Kashmir Valley In Northern India. Kahwa Is An Fantastic Mix Of Kashmiri Green Tea Leaves.
  • Health Benifits-Kahwa Tea Helps To Cleanse The Digestive System And Improves Metabolism. It Is Also Known To Ease Digestive Problems Similar As Constipation. It Works Stylish During Winters. And It Also Improves Cleanse Your Tummy Well. A Cupful Of Kahwa Tea First Thing In The Morning Can Help Kick Start Your Digestion Duly.
  • About This Item • 100Percent Organic Free From Chemicals, Fungicides And Gmo's • Delight The Unequaled Taste, Health And Aroma Of Kahwa (A Much Appreciated Form From Kashmir, India) • Constituents Green Tea, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Saffron.
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