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  • A Healthy Addition To Your Daily Routine: Milk Masala Is A Great Way To Enrich The Taste And Nutritive Value Of Your Milk As It Is Made Using Organic Ingredients That Are Healthy For Your Overall Growth. This Masala Contains Selected Dry Fruits That Offer The Required Nutrients Required To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle. Can Be Served Hot: This Milk Masala Can Be Served Hot Or If You Like To Have Cold Flavored Milk, Then You Can Prepare It And Keep It In The Refrigerator For An Hour Or So To Cool Down The Mix And Then Have It Cold. This Mixture Should Not Be Added To Cold Milk As It Has Ingredients That Taste Good Only When Heated/Boiled In Milk For Sometime.
  • Safe For All: This Milk Masala Is Safe For Kids And Diabetic Patients As It Has No Added Sugar And Is Made With Only Healthy Organic Ingredients Like Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Cardamom, Turmeric And Saffron.
  • Easy To Prepare: Add Two Heaped Spoons (Provided In The Pack) Of Dubuk Milk Masala, Along With A Teaspoon Of Sugar/Jaggery (Or To Your Taste), To One Cup Of Milk. Let The Mix Come To A Boil. Lower The Flame And Let The Mix Boil For Five Minutes. Serve Hot.
  • How To Store: Store The Masala Powder In An Airtight Container Under Refrigerated Conditions As It Increases Its Shelf Life. This Milk Masala Has A Shelf Life Of 6 Months.
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  • Review

    Amit Rao
    Jun 28, 2022
    It is great product those who don't have time to boil milk or prepare coffee , cold coffee so on for them it is good easy to use or best thing is quality have not compromise with quality.

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