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  • Mango Pickle
  • Bite Into Luscious Pieces Of Mango, Mixed With Select Spices And Enjoys That Special Mango Taste, Right Through The Year. Manual Made By A Mom At Home In India After Sourcing Mangos From Abundant Farmsteads Just Before Summers. We Hand- Cut, Sun-Dry, And Marinate The Similarly Cut Slices With A Bunch Of Spices At Home To Give You The Neat Ghar Ka Achar. It’S Just How Mothers &Grandmothers Would Make It Back In The Day.
  • About This Item
  • • Specialty Our Pickles And Other Product Are Manual And Rich Source Of Natural Nutrients. And It’S A Great Addition To Your Diet. No Added Artificial Flavors Or Color. No Canvases (Oils) And Preservatives. • Tiffin &Travel Authentic Feel And Taste As They'Re Manual And Handpicked As Well. Smart Food For Tourists And Anyone Can Take It In Their Breakfast And Lunch. • Hand Picked Constituents Made From Handpicked Constituents. Authentic Taste And Suitable For Vegans. An Ideal Accompaniment With Your Everyday Lunch Box, Snack Box, Travels Food And Munching Times. • Made In Small Batches Every Jar Is Packed Precisely In Small Batches At Home In Germfree Conditions And Sealed To Keep The Pickle Fresh To Retain Its Flavor And Aroma Naturally.
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Prices Displayed Are Special E-Commerce Prices, Which Includes Shipping &Packing Charges.
  • Delivery TAT: 5-7 Working Days. (Originally Sourced & Freshly Delivered).
  • Review

    Aniket Jain
    Jun 29, 2022
    Exactly the kind of achaar i had been looking for: the home made taste and less oily. All the achaars available in the market have weird colour or taste and mostly they use acid/vinegar to help make the pickle quickly, which is not good for health. Am glad i tried this product and would definitely recommend if you are looking for the best and most authentic aam ka achaar

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