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  • Lemon Pickle
  • Lemon Pickle Is Made From The Richest And Fresh Ingredients From The Indian Farms. This Classic Lemon Pickle Has Been Savored By Everyone. It Contains Constituents Like Lemon, Sugar, Vinegar &Other Spices. It's Sweet, Racy And A Little Bit Pungent. It's A Truly Good Source Of Vitamin C, Prevents Infection And Builds Immunity. Enjoy This Luscious Pickle With Every Meal And Provides A Great Indian Taste To All Your Dishes.
  • Pure Manual Pickle, It Contains Truly Lower Canvas (Oil) And Therefore Can Be Fluently Consumed By Senior And Youths Also. You Can Add Lemon Pickle (Nimbu Achaar) To Your Diet That Comes With Utmost Zero Fat And Cholesterol For A Punch Of Flavors. We Use The Top Quality Of Spices And Vegetables To Exponentially Increase The Taste Of Your Meal. Always Use A Clean And Dry Chammach (Spoon) While Handling This Fix. Lemon Pickles Bring You The Old Original Taste Of Traditional Pickle With Traditional Pickling Styles.
  • About This Item
  • • Boosts Your Bone Health &Regulates Blood Flow In The Body • Traditional Taste, Aseptic(Hygienic) Admixture, Took Raw Stuff ( Material) • Lemon Pickle Has Vitamin A &C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium,, That Are Considered Good For Bones • We Use The Top Quality Of Spices And Vegetables To Exponentially Increase The Taste Of Your Feed(Meal) • Pickle Does N’T Have Any Artificial Colors And Artificial Flavors • Pickles Are Prepared Under Germfree Conditions • It Can Be Used Within 6 Months After Opened And Stylish Before The Date Constituents Lemon Pieces, Sesame Oil, Turmeric &Fenugreek, Sea Salt, Lime Juice, Chilli Powder, Mixed Spices, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves &Asafoetida.
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