Kids Khakhra Combo 3* 200Gm In 1 Pack ( Maggi Noodles, Tomato, Kurkure )

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  • Jorry Bites Khakhra 3 Flavors Combo [Maggi Noodles, Tomato & Kurkure]
  • Maggi Noodles - This Khakhra Is A Thin Cracker Common In The Gujarati Cuisines Of Western India, Especially Among Jains. It Is Made From Mat Bean, Wheat Flour, And Oil, Maggie Flavor Powder Is Added Which Gives It A Unique Taste.
  • If You Have Tasted Different Types Of Khakhra It Is Time To Get Innovative Khakhra Whose Name You Have Never Thought And Is Most Favorite Food Our Entire World As 2 Min Maggi Khakhra. If You Have Tried All Flavors Then Go For This New Maggi Khakhra Is Different Khakhra.
  • Tomato Khakhra-This Tomato Khakhra Pack Is Made Of Wheat Flour, Edible Oil, Iodized Salt, Tomato Flavoring And Multitudinous Mouth- Soddening Spices To Enhance The Overall Flavor, Flavorsome Constituents. Hygienic & Vacuum Packe-Khakhras Are Made With Care In Germfree Conditions To Insure That There'S No Compromise With Your Health And Are Vacuum- Packed To Insure Long Shelf Life. Delicious Evening Snack-This Can Be Your Perfect Evening- Time Snack While You’Re Belting Tea.
  • Kurkure Khakhra – Crunchy Khakhra Sprinkled With Salty Kurkure Masala Ready To Pep Up Your Evenings. Kurkure Khakhra A Gujarati Indian Snack Khakhra Is A Crisp And Thin Flatbread Forming From The Indian State Of Gujarat. Made With Whole Wheat Flour, Refined Sunflower Canvas, And Supporting Constituents, Khakhras Have Been Prepared And Consumed As A Snack In Indian Homes Since Olden Times, And Have Gained Significant Fashionability Among The Millions With A Mouth- Soddening Variety Of Flavors. Jorry Bites Brings You Fresh, Succulent And Crisp Kurkure Khakras Roasted To Perfection With Love And Care.
  • Khakhra Is A Crisp And Thin Flatbread Forming From The Indian State Of Gujarat. Its Brings You Fresh, Flavorful, And Crisp Khakhras Roasted To Perfection With Love And Care, So You Can Delight Them With Your Chosen Condiments And Make Recollections Over Snacks, On Several Occasions, Anywhere, Anytime-Your Perfect Trip(Travel) Companion.
  • Shelf Life: 120 Days
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