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Gangaram Amarchand Halwai

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  • Khurma
  • Khurma Is A Kind Of Sweet Snack That's Notorious In Indian Cays. This Form Is Prepared In The Same Way As Nimki. Khurma Is A Sweet Snack That's Made During The Carnivals Of Diwali & Holi. These Pieces Of Fried Flour Are Carpeted With Sugar Making Them Largely Addicting! Khurma-A Traditional Indian Sweet Snack That Was Always Made In My Home During Holi & Diwali! The Sweets Which I Was Veritably Fond Of As A Child, The Sweets Which Were Always Prepared In My House For Carnivals. Khurma Is A Piece Of Fried Flour That Has Been Carpeted With Sugar. It's Largely Addicting! In A Way, It's Exactly Analogous To Namakpara Minus The Swab And Spices.
  • In Fact, It's Nearly The Same As The Popular Shakarpara. Candy The Flour While Kneading It While For Khurma We Fry The Flour First And Also Add It Too Thick Sugar Saccharinity. The Sugar Crystallizes And Fleeces All The Pieces Of Khurma Making It Sweet. This Is One Sweet Which Was Always Bought For Colorful Occasions. In Fact, Occasionally It Was Bought Without An Occasion Too If We Just Wanted To Munch On Some Khurma.
  • Constituents: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Jaggery & Butter (Ghee)
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  • Review

    Amit Rao
    Jun 20, 2022
    The best and yummiest Khurma I had ever. The flavor of Desi ghee is so Good and it wants you eat more. These have the right proportion of sweetness. And the size of pieces is also so appropriate. This quick ready to eat snack was really liked by my family. MUST TRY 👍
    Mar 21, 2022
    Very sweet and delicious. I love this product

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