Kerala's Sambhar Masala 100Gm*2 (Pack Of 2)

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  • Kerala's Sambhar Masala-Sambhar Masala Prepared The Handcrafted South- Way To Lend An Authentic Spice & Flavor, This Sambar Masala Powder, Is A Flavorful Blend Of Lentils, Whole Spices And Fragrant(Aromatic) Herbs That Have To Be Added While Preparing The Sambar. It's Truly A Flavor- Enhancing Addicting Mix There's Nothing More Satisfying Than A Plate Of Puffy Hot (Idlis) Or Piping Hot (Dosa) With A Bowl Full Of Racy Sambar. This Lip-Smacking Dish Medication Is Made In Utmost South-Indian Homes And Is Everyday Breakfast Food. The Sour, Racy And Soothing Stimulating(Refreshing) Flavors Of Sambar Are Possible Only With Handmade Sambar Masala. We Newly Base(Ground) Our Spices At Our Own Masala Chakkis With Premium Constituents Handpicked From Natural Farmsteads(Farms) Across The Country. No Wonder This Bowlful Savory Stew Has Captured The Hearts Of Numerous!
  • About This Item • A Scrumptious Mix Of Violent Spices, To Produce The Signature Dish Of South India – The Modest Sambar. • Every Spice In Our Masala Is Sourced From Natural Farmsteads(Farms) Across The Country Therefore, Yielding An Unadulterated Aroma And Flavor Of Premium Spices Into Your Food. • Our Sambhar Masala Also Complements Different Cusines And Can Be Used To Give A Little Life To Your Routine Food. Southindian Brinjal Curry, Dhansak, Bisi Bele Bath, Etc Are Some Of Our Choice Of Forms For Sambhar Masala.
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