Kerala's Nut Meg(Jumbo)100Gm*2 (Pack Of 2)

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  • Kerala's Nut Meg ( Jumbo)-Nutmeg Seeds Without Shell Comes With A Sweet And Warm Taste. They'Re Strong And Punchy And Are A Storage Of Multitudinous Natural Nutrients. Harvest And Sourcing Of Nutmeg Seeds-Nutmeg Civilization Is Extensively Plant On The Banks Of Waterways And Other Large Water Bodies. At Green Mart Malabari We Reference Kerala Nutmeg Seeds From Idukki As Well As From River Periyar Banks. Idukki Produces Large Seeds And The Lowlands Produce Lower Seeds, In Effect The Nutrient Proportion Is The Same. The Seeds Are Dried Gradationally In The Sun Over A Period Of Six To Eight Weeks. During This Time The Nutmeg Shrinks Down From Its Hard Seed Fleece Until The Kernels Rattle In Their Shells When Shaken. The Shell Is Also Broken With A Wooden Club And The Nutmegs Are Picked Out.
  • Processing To Packing Nutmeg Seeds-The Nutmeg Seeds Are Taken To Our Processing Center Where These Seeds Are Graded Into Different Batches. The Produce Is Also Checked For Aflo Toxin Situations, As Alfo Toxin Attention Can Affect The Shelflife Of The Seeds.
  • These Seeds Are Another Physically Checked For Rotten Seeds Or Seeds That Don'T Meet The Prescribed Quality Situations. After Recycling The Seeds Are Either Vacuum Pressed And Stored Or Directly Goes For Packing.
  • The Seeds Are Loaded Into A Mechanized Automated Packing Machine Which Will Be Packed Without Human Intervention. Each Of The Packet Is Flushed With Nitrogen For Longer Shelf Life And Eventually Ready To Be Dispatched After The Secondary Packing. Whether It's For Cuisine, For Galettes, For Bakery, Traditional Medicinal Consumption Or For Making Wines. These Nutmeg Seeds Will Stand Apart The In Terms Of Quality, Taste And Flavor.
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
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