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  • Kerala's Ginger Powder- Ginger Powder, Is The Seasoning & Spice Agent One Needs To Get The Kick You Crave In Your Dishes. This Powder, Extracted From Organic Ginger Root, Is Purely Vegan Greasepaint Packed To Boost Your Health Regimen.
  • The Fresh Ginger Contains Gingerol Added Aroma & Flavor To The Spices. The Aroma Of Ginger Spice Is Pungent & Sweet With A Lemony Newness, While The Flavor Is Also Racy, Sweet, And Warm. Ginger Is A Seasoning Agent Used In Soft Drinks, Delicacies, And Other Major Dishes Frequently. A Pinch Of Ginger Added A Powerful Flavor & Aroma To The Indian Dishes. Ground Ginger Is A Predominant Spice In Gingerbread And Ginger Snap Goddesses(Cookies).
  • Ginger Greasepaint Is Cherished Tremendously(Enormously) For Its Remedial(Therapeutic) Benefits. It's Loaded With Numerous Nutrients Like Vitamins C, B6, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, And Other Bioactive Composites That Give Colorful Health- Boosting Properties. Instructions Of Use Store Ginger Greasepaint In A Cool And Dry Place.
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
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