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  • Kerala's Dried Fig- Dried Figs Are Evocative(Reminiscent) Of The Desert Denizens(Dwellers), Oases And The San Stacks(Dunes) Of Afghanistan. Anjeer Known For Their Delicate, Sweet And Indulgent Taste-They'Re Also Packed With Nutritive Rightness Making Them One Of The Healthiest Dried Fruit. Eating These Amazing Snacks Can Keep The Hunger Stings(Pangs) At Bay. There Capability To Give With Necessary Energy Throughout The Day Makes Them An Essential Element Of The Diet. By Consuming Figs Soaked In Milk For Breakfast It Will Also Revitalize Your Body . Not Only This, But They'Re Also Largely Recommended For A Healthymid-Day Snacking. Anjeer Is A Good Source Of Potassium. Potassium Is An Important Mineral, Which Is Needed For The Body And Its Regular Input Is Said To Help In Maintaining Good Health.
  • About This Item • They'Re A Nutritional Snack And Good For Stamina • The Dried Anjeer/ Figs Are To Be Consumed After Soaking It In Water Or Milk And It's A Given Indian Tradition • Dried Figs Contains Pectin That Stimulates Good Healthy Movement & Expels Cholesterol Out Of Body. • It Regulates Blood Pressure. Dry Figs Are High Source Of Nutritive Fiber Due To Which It's Veritably Effective In Weight Loss • Rich Source Of Fibre Calcium And Iron •Non-Gmo Figs Are Low In Calories And Fat Free • Our Gluten Free Dried Figs Are Store- House Of Fibre • A Good Source Of Numerous Enriching Vitamins And Minerals.
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