Kerala'S Coffee Powder(Filter) 100Gm

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  • Kerala's Coffee Powder ( Filter) – Kerala Origin Black Coffee Powder Our Newly Exclusive Classic Range Of Coffee Greasepaint(Powder) With No Additive's Like Chicory. Started In Kerala, Our Coffee Provides A Complex Mix Of Fantastic Flavor And Aroma, Which Together Produce A Range Of Sensitive(Sensory) Experiences. These Overall Sensitive(Sensory) Experiences Obtained From A Cup Of Coffee During Both The Preparation And Consumption Of The Coffee Will Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind. Note This Product Isn'T Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Help(Prevent) Any Sickness(Disease). Kick- Start Your Day With A Cup Of Fresh And Fragrant Green Mart Filter Coffee. Plantation Sourced & Processed Under Conditions To Meet The Strictest Quality Ethics Made From Traditionally Roasted Coffee Beans To Insure A Strong Coffee Experience. Especially Pack In Newness Seal Packs To Lock The Aroma Of The Coffee. Its Smoothly Roasted Ground Coffee Beans Give Out A Perfect Decoction For A Rich & Smooth Scrumptious Cup That Helps Rejuvenate Your Senses.
  • Tips For An Fragrant Cup Don'T Store Roasted And Ground Coffee For A Long Duration. Roasted Coffee Deteriorates Over Time. Always Brew And Use Fresh Decoction For Maximum Flavor And Aroma. Don'T Rewarm The Coffee Decoction As The Flavor Will Be Lost. The South Indian Coffee Filter Is Especially Designed To Give The Perfect Filter Coffee Decoction. • Health Benefits • Can Better Energy Situations(Levels) • Contains Essential Nutrients • May Lower Your Danger(Risk) Of Parkinson's • May Lower Your Danger(Risk) Of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
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