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  • Kerala's Coconut Oil-Coconuts From Kerala, We Travel Hundreds Of Kilometers And Source Only The Neat(Best) Coconuts From The Southern-Most Lands(States) Of India. We Use Fresh White Coconut & Not Dull White Or Brown Coconut Meat. We Use Cold- Press Technology To Insure That The Nutrients Do Not Break Down. We Do It All To Make The Finest Coconut Canvas That Can Be Made. Extra Virgin Coconut Canvas Honor(Premium) Quality Coconut From The Land Of Coconuts, Kerala.
  • About This Item • Additional Virgin Coconut Oil Fine Quality Coconut From The Land Of Coconuts • 100 Pure & Natural Spare(Extra) Virgin Coconut Canvas(Oil), Made From The Finest Quality Coconuts Sourced From The Neat(Best) Agriculturists(Farmers) From The God's Own Country, Kerala. These Farmsteads(Farms) Are Known For Decades As Seed Farmsteads(Farms), As Organically Grown Coconut Farmsteads(Farms) Of The Hilly Areas Of Calicut District Of Kerala-Kuttiady Is Considered As The Neat(Best) Director(Producer) Of Coconuts In The Country. All Government And Private Agencies Throughout The Country Are Earning Seed Coconuts From These Farmsteads(Farms) As The Quality Of Coconut Is Neat(Best) • It Can Be Used For Cooking, As A Dietetic Supplement For Skin, Hair And Baby Care. It Promotes Healthy Metabolism And Improves Impunity(Immunity) Medium. Excellent Natural Moisturizer And Neat(Best) For Dry Skin And Nourishment Of Your Skinour Coconut Canvas Prevents Hair Fall, Controls Dandruff And Strengthens Hair. Raw Coconut Canvas(Oil) Contains Good Saturated Fats, Vitamin E, Vitamin K And Iron. It Also Serves As A Natural Alternative To Chemically Formulated Commercial Moisturizers, Canvases(Oils) And Scalp Conditioners.
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