Kerala's Chilly Powder 100Gm*2 (Pack Of 2)

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  • Kerala's Chilly Powder-Kerala Spice Chilly Powder Is Used In Varied(Various) Dishes For Its Colour And Taste. It Adds A Natural Flavour And Red(Reddish) Colour To Curries. Acquire(Procured) Prepared(Processed) And Packed In The State Of Kerala. Rich Aroma And Flavor. No Chemicals; Preservatives; Colors Makes It's The Neat Food Not Just For You But Also For Kiddies And Aged.
  • About This Item • Mesmerizing Taste • Fragrant And Rich In Flavour • Neat Quality • Makes Any Dish Special • Largely(Highly) Fragrant Chilly Enjoy The Rich Taste Of Kerala Chilly Powder In All Your Favorite Dishes • Contains Capsaicin Every Pack Carries The Promise Of An Active Component Called Capsaicin • Sourced From Guntur The Chilly Greasepaint Is Sourced From Kerala, Which Is Big-Name For Its Chilies.
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
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