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  • Kerala's Black Pepper Bold-Black Pepper Is One Of The Most Consumed Spice, Owing To Its High Commercial, Profitable, And Medicinal Properties. The Humble Spice Is High In Antioxidants, Hasanti-Inflammatory Properties, In Medieval Times The Store Of Pepper Was Related To A Man's Wealth And It Was Used As Currency For Trading. And It's Have Benefits Of Digest And Helps In Remove Toxins From The Body & Increase Metabolism.
  • About This Item • Bold, Authentic, Unadulterated Decoration Quality Spice Sourced Directly From Agriculturists . Single Origin And Elected By Experts. Enjoy Woody And Piny Taste, Sharp And Pungent Flavor Of Green Mart Black Pepper. Need Of The Hour Prepare An Impunity Supporter Kadha ( Form Enclosed In Product Description). • 100 Natural & Versatile Spice- Generally Ground Just Before Preparing Dishes And Added At The Last Instant In The Forms. • Finest- Quality Natural Black Pepper Contains Impactful Medicinal Properties. It's Hygienically Packed-With Minimum Human Touch. Thickness In Quality Across The Time. The Size May Appearsmall. And The Flavor And Taste Is Surely Big. Doubtless The Neat!! • Extra Bold, Garbled Black Pepper. Called As-Kali Mirch-Mira-Kalamari-Milagu-Miriyala Tige – Marutis • Kerala S Black Pepper Has A Sharp, Hot Biting Taste. It's A Warming Spice. • It's One Of The Oldest And Most Important Spices In The World. • The Kerala S Black Pepper Of Kerala Provides A Quarter Of The World's Stock Of Pepper. • The Kerala S Black Pepper Is Largely Savory , With A Distinctive, Soupy Bouquet. • It's A Special Type Of Pepper Which Has Been Allowed To Grow Fully So That It Develops Further Flavor, Sugar, And Size. • Its Aroma Is Sweet And Racy. Its Flavor Is Rich And Bold.
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