Kerala'S Biryani Masala Powder 100Gm

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  • Kerala's Biryani Masala Powder - This Perfect Biryani Masala Is Easy To Make And Turns Out Perfect Every Time! Its Premium Flavors And Enticing Aroma Make It A Delicious Dish That Can Turn A Simple Meal Into A Feast. It's So Classic That Your Whole Kitchen Will Be Filled With A Delightful Biryani Aroma, Pure (Premium) And Natural From Kerala.
  • A Fantastic Range Of Flavorsome Spices, Mixed Spices Curry Powders And Masalas To Make Great Tasting And Nutritious Delicacies Every Day. This Will Ready To Make Masalas Help Simplify The Art Of Cooking, & Make It Delicious, Enjoyable, Effortless, Nutritious, & Time-Saving.
  • About This Item • Authentic Recipe : The Fantastic Spices & Condiments Gives You The Authentic Taste Of Restaurant Styled & Form Biryani • Instant Cooking : Use The Masala Blend And Get The Taste Of Authentic Biryani At Home Instantly • Quality: Pure, Organic & 100Percent Natural Filled With Intoxicating Scents And Brilliant Colors Due To Natural Habitat That They Are Sourced From. • Fantastic And Hard To Find : We Source Brilliant And Hard To Find Products From Across Kerala & Help You Experience Ingredients That Have Journeyed To You From God's Own Country.
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
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