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  • Kerala's Assorted Green Tea-Tea Plays An Important Part In Our Lives As A Day-To-Day Drink Of Choice. With Growing Observation, The Appreciation For Green Tea Has Increased As A Reachable Health Supplementour Green Teas Are Made With All-Natural Constituents And Are All Whole Leaves That Insure The Flavor Elements Like Tannins And Essential Canvases Are Retained To The Maximum Extent. The Pyramid Shape Allows The Constituents To Extend And Expand. This, In Turn, Allows All The Flavors To Be Fully Released Into Your Cup. With This Fantastic 10 Flavor Sample Pack, Experience A Whole Gamut Of Seasoned Green Teas Ranging From The Sweet Citrusy And Memorable Notes Of Honey Lemon(Ginger) To The Stimulating Taste Notes Of Mint Greenery(Green). This Variety Pack Has Commodity For Everyone And Will Leave A Mark On Your Taste Buds For Sure.
  • About This Item • Count-Includes 20 Teabags/ 10 Fantastic Flavors • About The Sample-Pure High- Grade Long Splint(Leaf) Green Tea Leaves With Natural Constituents To Detoxify And Enhance Impunity(Immunity) • Steeping Guide-Heat 180 Ml Of Water At 80 ℃-85 ℃, Place The Teabag In A Mug(Cup) And Also Pour Hot Water Over It. Steep For 3-4 Mins. Drink Plainly Or Add Honey As Per Taste. Savor A Mug(Cup) Of Newness And Relax • Contains Pure, High- Grade Tea Leaves With Furtheranti-Oxidants & Bioactive. The Unique (Different) Pyramid Design Of Teabags Allows Good Unfurling Of Leaves For A Delicious Taste And Experience. Can Be Steeped Doubly (Twice).
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