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  • 1*250Gm Kashmir's Almond With Shell (Kagzi Badam)
  • 1*250Gm Kashmir's Dried Fig (Anjeer)
  • 1*500Gm Kashmir's Dried Apricot (Khumani)

  • Almonds Kagji Super Fine Kashmiri With Shell 250 Gms
  • 100% Organic And Natural Kashmiri Kagzi Almonds Procured Directly From The Orchards Of Kashmir Valley Almonds Are Packed With Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, And Fiber, And Are Associated With A Number Of Health Benefits. Being A Source Of Vitamin E, Copper, Magnesium, And High-Quality Protein, Just A Handful Of Almonds Contains One-Eighth Of Our Necessary Daily Protein. Almonds Contain Minerals Like Potassium, Folic Acid, Protein, Mono-Saturated Fats, And Vitamin E Reducing Your Chances Of Heart Diseases.
  • It Is The Source Of The Fruit Also Called The Fig And As Such Is An Important Crop In Those Areas Where It Is Grown Commercially.

  • Kashmiri Dried Figs 250 Gms
    • Rich Source Of Fiber, Calcium, And Iron, Rich Source Of Many Vital Vitamins And Minerals
    • Hearts Best Friends Improve Cardiovascular Health, 100 Percent Naturally Dried
    • Improves Digestion As Anjeer Is High In Dietary Fiber
    • High In Fiber, Hence Promotes Good Digestive Health

  • Kashmiri Khumani Premium Dried Apricots 500 Gms
  • Apricots Are Procured Directly From Growers And Are Processed And Packed In Our Hygienic Processing Plant To Retain Their Natural Freshness, Aroma, And The Original Nutrients
  • Dried Apricots Are A Very Good Source Of Iron That Is Useful To Fight Anemia, This Also Contains Copper That Absorbs Iron, Including Dried Apricots In Your Daily Diet Helps In Hemoglobin Production That Can Be Useful For Women Who Experience Heavy Flow During Periods
  • Dried Apricots Have Pectin, They Also Contain Cellulose That Is A Mild Laxative And Treats Constipation, Cellulose Acts As Insoluble Fiber And Pectin Maintains Water Levels In The Body During Constipation
  • Dried Apricots Are Consumed Before A Meal To Stimulate Digestion, This Contains The Alkali That Neutralizes Acids
  • Dried Apricots Contain Nutrients Like Vitamin A Which Is Required For Good Vision, Vitamin A Is A Powerful Antioxidant That Helps To Remove Free Radicals And Maintain The Health Of Cells And Tissues

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    Oct 4, 2021
    Very very god product

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