Kashmiri Pista Premium Quality California Salted Shelled Pistachio Pack Of 400 Gm

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Kashmiri Pista Premium Quality California Salted Shelled Pistachio-Pistachios Contain Vitamin E, Zinc And Antioxidants Which Help In Maintaining Skin Health And Vision Issues. Pistachios Are Known To Maintain Blood Sugar Balance & Boost The Immune System. They Are Rich In Protein & Fiber And Helps In Keeping You Energetic. They'Re Also Truly Low Calorie Nuts, Hence, Can Be Tasted On Guilt-Free! Pistachios Contain Generally Monounsaturated Fat, Which Is Healthy For Your Heart That Can In Turn, Help Lower Situations Of Bad Cholesterol. Perfect For Snacks And Deserts Like All Nuts, Pistachios Are Rich In Helpful Nutrients. Indeed So, Pistachios Have Some Unique Parcels That Set Them Apart. In Addition To These Distinctive Traits, Consider The Following Nutritional Benefits Of Pistachios As An Added Perquisite To Their Particularly Nice Palate. About This Item • Exceptional Pistachios, Roasted Interspersed And Right In Their Shell • Brickle And Scrumptious Packaging Maintains Crisp And Luscious • Delicious Pista First- Class Assured Pistachios Almond Affable Nice • Rich In Nutrients Pistachios Are An Fabulous Source Of Healthy Fats, Fiber, Protein, Antioxidants • Pistachios Are Cholesterol-Free And A Great Source Of Vitamins And Minerals • It's Rich In Manganese, Phosphorus, And Vitamin B6 • Pistachios Help In Maintaining Weight And Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Lower Blood Sugar • Ministry Of Nuts Roasted And Salted Pistachios Rich In Nutrients, Brickle, And 100 Natural • Airtight Jars Help In Storing Pistachios And Keeping Them Crisp • Pista Can Be Eaten On Their Own As A Snack, On Top Of A Salad, In Trail Mix, In Baked Products, Or As A Brickle Covering For Fish Or Meat

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