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  • Jaipur Sweets Is A Premium Quality, Indian Sweets., Kaju Katli, Also Known As Kaju Barfi, Is An Indian Dessert Similar To A Barfi. Kaju Katli Is Traditional Cashew Fudge, And Is One Of The Most Sought After And Loved Indian Sweets. Kaju Means Cashew; Barfi Is Frequently Made By Thickening Milk With Sugar And Other Constituents (Similar To Dry Fruits And Mild Spices). The Dish Is Prepared With Cashew Nuts Soaked In Water For A Considerable Period Of Time (Generally Overnight), Which Are Also Base To A Paste. The Sugar Result Is Boiled Down Until A Single Thread Forms When Two Fritters Are Dipped Into It And Pulled Piecemeal, After Which It's Added To The Ground Cashews Kaju. Saffron, Kesar, Dried Fruits, And Ghee Were Added.
  • The Paste Is Also Spread And Smoothed In A Shallow, Flat-Bottomed Dish And Cut Into Bite-Sized Diamond-Shaped Pieces. The Pieces Are Generally Decorated With Comestible Tableware Antipode. The Finished Sweet Is Generally White Or Unheroic In Color Depending On The Constituents Used For The Paste And The Proportions Of Each Used. Katli Is Traditionally Eaten During Diwali. Cashew-Rich Manual Kaju Katli Is Good For Heart Health As Far As You Consume Them In A Healthy Way And Avoid Gluttony. Unsaturated Fats And Omega 3 Adipose Acids In Cashews Help In Lowering Triglycerides Situations, Which Help In Keeping Your Heart Healthy.
  • Ingredients: Whole Cashews Raw Cashews Granulated White Sugar, Water, Rose Water Optional, Ghee, Edible Silver Leaves, Coconut Canvas.
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