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  • Sourced Directly From The Farmers In Rajasthan. An Important Spice Used Daily Basis In Indian Cooking. Cumin Seeds Are An Chief Component Of Curry Powder And “Garam Masala”. No Preservatives, Artificial Color, Flavors & Other Chemicals. Lighter In Colour, Hotter To Taste, Larger In Size And Unlike Caraway, Have Minute Stubble That Are Hardly Visible To The Naked Eye. Cumin Is Also Known For Its Medicinal Properties. Our Spices Are Packed In Air Tight Eco Friendly Bags Only.
  • Cumin Seeds Are An Crucial Kitchen Staple, Finds Globally Usage In Various Culinary - Indian, Mexican And Eastern And Have Major Health Benefits. Best For Nursing Mothers And Pregnant As Rich In Iron, Calcium And Promotes Lactation. Cumin In Raw, Powdered Or Oil Form Is An Amazing Spice. Bring Home Health By Buying The Cumin Seeds. Best Quality Cumin Seeds Are Powdered Using Flavour Lock Technology To Ensure A Gratifying Bouquet And Distinctive Flavour. It Is A Broadly Used Spice That Adds A Mouth-Watering Taste To The Food.
  • Nutritional Facts Calories: 375 Carbs: 44 Gm Fat: 22 Gm Protein: 18 Gm
  • How To Use: It's Reserved Primarily For Savory Recipes, Like Chili, Stews, Meat, Fish, And Vegetables. Cook Some New Potatoes And Cut Them Into Chunks. Mix Dollops Of Natural Yogurt With Lemon Zest And Sea Salt Flakes, Then Spoon Over The Potatoes, Topping Off With The Fried Cumin.
  • Benefits: Contains Antioxidants. It Has Anti-Cancer Properties.
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  • Review

    Jul 29, 2022
    Well packed Clean and Quality of Jeera is excellent and good for health... Go for It

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