Jalapeno Makhana 60Gm*2 (Pack Of 2) (Pouch)

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  • Jalpeno Makhana
  • Lotus Seeds Or Foxnuts, Popularly Also Known As'Makhanas', Are Small Little Bootstrappers Of Nutrition, Yet Extremely Low In Calories. Refined With The Virtuousness Of Nature, Makhanas Are Packed With Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Magnesium, Iron And Zinc. These Essential Nutrients Make This Product The Perfect Go-To, Guilt-Free Snack. At Any Time Of Theday!Jalapeno Foxnuts Are A Healthy, Brickle & Succulent Snack Flavoured With Racy Jalapeno Peppers And Just A Little Bit Of Lime Tang, An Moment Hit Amongst All Jalapeno Addicts That Will Leave You Driveling For Further!
  • Did Someone Tell You Makhna’S Are Boring? We ’Re Then To Give You The Best Snack For Your Diet. Let Us Make Makhna’S Taste Delightful By Adding Qualitative And Healthy Constituents. To Give You With That Racy Feeling, We'Ve Amp It With Some Savory Jalapeno Flavour. The Spices We Use & Powders We Add Come From The Excerpts Of Rich, Natural & Nutritional Dealers. Why Pop Up Plain When We ’Re Giving Pop Makhanas With Delicious Jalapeno.
  • Our Bestselling Makhna Of All Time, Is Way Crackly Than Any Crackly Popcorn You Have Ever Tasted. Carry A Tin Of Our Makhna’S To The Office Every Day And Kill Tedious Work Schedules Like A Leader By Popping These Frequently. Its Rich Antioxidants And Micronutrients May Help Slow Suggestions Of Ageing And Help Heart Health, Blood Sugar Operation, And Weight Loss. It’S Likewise Versatile And Easy To Delight In Multitudinous Recipes, Including Main Dishes, Snacks And Desserts.
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