Jaggery Cubes (Gur) (Pack Of 2) 650Gm*2

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  • Jaggery Cubes (Gur)
  • - Jaggery Cube Is An Organic Natural Product Of Sugarcane. It'S Further Unrefined Form Than Sugarcane. It'S A Brown Raw Mass Of Sucrose Which Gets It Brown In Colour; Jaggery Is Generally Made From Two Products, Which Are Sugar Cane And Date Palm Tree.
  • Jaggery Can Substitute Purified White Sugar In Foods & Drinks. This Is The Most Extensively Used Variant Of Jaggery Which Is Generally Unrefined Sugarcane Juice Uprooted From Sugarcane, Which Is Manually Prepared By Using Traditional Ways, Which Gives This Jaggery That Unique Taste And Texture. Prepared By Boiling, Churning And Filtering By Age-Old Techniques, This Jaggery Is Generally Delighted In Its Crystallized Form. Palm Jaggery Is An Important Sweeter Variant Of Jaggery, Which Has A Melt- In The Mouth Texture. And Also Use In Jaggery Cubes Are Generally Use For Sabji, Milkshakes, Tea, Coffee, Etc. Jaggery Desi Gud A Sweet Symbol Of Our Great Indian.
  • About This Item:-
  • • Jaggery Is Known To Have Remedial And Medicinal Benefits We'Re Completely Aware Of The Medicinal And Culinary Significance Of Jaggery Holds In The Indian Cooking
  • • Jaggery Cubes Are Generally Used For Tea, Coffee, Milkshakes, Sabji, Dal Etc To Make Them Succulent And Healthy Sugar Choice For Diurnal (Daily) Use, Organically Grown Without Fertilizers And Pesticides
  • • Jaggery Cubes Helping In Digestion. It Activates The Digestive Enzymes In Our Body, Therefore Helps In Proper Digestion Of Food.
  • • We Use The Most Nutritional Sugar Canes To Uproot Our Jaggery Cubes And Ensure Its Brought To You Free Of All Chemicals And Rich In Vitamins And Minerals
  • • Rich In Multiple Minerals And Pure Organic Jaggery
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
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