Imli Candy 100Gm*2 (Pack Of 2)(Jar)

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  • Imli Candy
  • Imli Candy Or Tamarind Candy, Popularly Known As Imli Ki Goli, Is A Kind Of Candy Prepared From Sugar And Imli Pulp. Tamarind Candy Is Continually Described As Chewy, And We Generally Sell It In Medium-Sized Containers With Each Chunk Rolled In Sugar. The Tamarind Candies Roots Are The Tamarind Tree, Which Is Typical In Mexico And Other Parts Of South America. Tamarind Candy Has Confectionery And Bitter Taste, And It Will Be Found With An Upgraded Taste In The Purva Food Store.
  • We Produce Items And Sell Them For Their Specialty. We Bet It Was Your Favourite When You Were A Kid, And We Assure You That You Can Still Get The Same Taste In Your Adulthood. This Pulpy Tamarind Candy Is Delightful And Flavorful. It Is A Complex Candy Delight That Satisfies Any Snacking Craving. Species Who Admire Tamarind Candy Can Purchase It In The Best Conditions From The Best Stores Of Purva Food.
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
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