Home Made Royal Rose Candy (200 Gm*2) Jar Pack Of 2

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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  • Home Made Royal Rose Candy
  • Royal Rose Candy, Home Made Of Rose Candy, Candy With The Perfect Taste Of Rose, Giving You A Nostalgic Feeling And Helping You Relive The Olden Days. Ideal For Kiddies Who Are Looking For Something That Can Give The Perfect Taste Of Rose. The Royal Rose Taste Is Premium, Giving Your Taste Buds A Tantalizing Feel. However, Gaunidhi Rose Delicacy Is Then For Your Deliverance, If You'Re Looking For A Commodity That's Synonymous With Rose.
  • • Gaunidhi Rose Delicacies Are So Soft And Fresh! Delicious! • Royal Rose Flavored Candy With A Kick To It! • One Of Our Favorite Rose Candy Then! • Our Royal Rose Toffee Is Great For Buffets Or Indeed For The Office Lunches • Old-Time Style Boiled Sugar Confectionary With Masala Royal Rose Flavor • Pop'Em Up Anytime For That Needed Sugar Rush. • Easy To Carry And Apt For Outings Or Breaks Or Cinema Or Picnics Or Just Anywhere • Bringing The World Close To Nature • Great Royal Rose Delicacy Bag For Participating With Many Friends. Just Keep It In A Zip Lock Bag After Opening So These Pan Delicacies Will Remain Fresh. • Treat Yourself To The Sweet And Tangy Outburst In Your Mouth With That Nostalgia That Fell Off The'90S With Our Rose Delicacy.
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  • Review

    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 23, 2022
    Only one word is enough for the review " Nostalgia ". Taste bring back all memories of the childhood. I guess only millennials will understand this not the current generation kids. Loving It, Enjoying it every day, Once exhausted I will order again

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