Home Made Chatkara Goli (250 Gm*2) Jar Pack Of 2

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  • Home Made Chatkara Goli, Made Up Of Fresh Ingredients And Churan Black Digestive Balls. These Big Black Digestive Balls Are Sweet And A Little Tangy That Give A Fruity Flavor. Tangy And Tasty Digestives. This Chatkara Goli( Khatti Meetti Goli) Is Sweet And A Little Tangy That Giving A Fruity Flavor. Kids Love These Chatkara Goli - Khatti Mitthi Goli Balls. These Fruit Balls Candies Are A Better Alternative Of Sugar Boiled Confectionery.
  • 1. Relieves Acidity 2. Tasty & Tangy 3. Good Appetizer 4. Liked By All Age Groups 5. Helps In Digestion & Improves Stomach Health.
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  • Review

    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 23, 2022
    These Big Black Digestive Balls Are Sweet and A Little Tangy That Give a Fruity Flavor. These are amazing and very addictive. I would say they are mix of Chatkara Goli. Highly recommend

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