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  • Jaipur Sweets Is A Premium Quality Indiansweets., Gulab Jamun Is A Milk-Solid- Grounded Sweet, Forming In The Indian Supercontinent And A Type Of Mithai Popular In India. It's Made Mainly From Milk Solids, Traditionally From Khoya, Which Is Milk Reduced To The Thickness Of Soft Dough. Ultramodern Recipes Call For Dried Or Powdered Milk Rather Of Khoya. It's Frequently Garnished With Dried Nuts Similar As Almonds And Cashews To Enhance Flavor. Gulab Jamun Is A Classic Sweet Dish Favored By The Youngish And Old. Marriage, Religious Function Can Not Be Complete Until The Guests Have Been Served Warm, Sweet, And Mouth- Soddening Gulab Jamuns.
  • Gulab Jamun Get Brown Red Color Because Of Sugar Content In Milk Powder. In Other Types Of Gulab Jamun, Sugar Is Added To The Batter, And After Frying, The Sugar Caramelization Gives It Its Dark, Nearly Black Color, Which Is Also Called Kala Jam. It's A Traditional Indian Dessert, Known As The Queen Of Indian Sweets. These Red-Brown Multicolored Sweet Balls Are Made With Khoya (Milk Solid), Fried Golden And Eventually Dipped In Saffron- Convinced Sugar Saccharinity. They'Re Fairly Famed In Asian Countries. These Rounds, Milk- Grounded Sweets Soak In Sugar Saccharinity. As They Melt In Your Mouth You'Re Hit With The Sweet Flavor Of Milk And Sugar And A Hint Of The Rose And Cardamom In The Sugar Saccharinity.
  • Ingredients : Maida/ Plain Flour, Baking Powder, Ghee/ Clarified Butter, Milk, Ghee Or Canvas For Frying, Sugar, Water, Cardamom, Saffron/ Kesar, Lemon Juice, Rose Water.
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