Gangaram Amarchand Gond Laddu (Urad) 500Gm

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Gangaram Amarchand Halwai

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  • Urad Gond Ke Ladoo.
  • Laddu Is A Perfect Downtime Treat And Especially For Lactatingmothers.I Came To Know About This When I Was Talking To My Friend About My Reverse Pain And She Said Some Comestible Gond Helps In Recovering From It. She Mentioned That It's Good For Lactating Maters. When I Was Searching For The Form I Came To Know That These Are Popular In Rajasthan, Gujarat And Maharashtra And Is Eaten During The Downtimemonths.These Are Largely Nutritional And Can Not Be Digested Fluently So People Used To Eat It At Morning To Give Time For Digestion. This Form Also Got Urad Dalflour.I Know Urad Dal Is Good For Uterus. In Our Community After Puberty Girls Will Be Given Lots Of Uluthan Kali A Sweet Made With Urad Dal And Jaggery Along With Ghee Or Gingelly Canvas To Strength Theback.So This Combination Of Urad And Gond Must Be A Healthy And Succulent Treat For Ladies During Layoffs. This Can Also Be Given To Kiddies Along With A Glass Of Milk. They Will Surely Love Because Of The Agreeableness And Rich Taste.
  • Other Names Include' Panjiri'.'Dink Ladoo'Or'Dinkache Ladoo'In Marathi. It's Called As Also'Guntar Ladoo'In Gujarati. While Doing I Could Not Make The Flour Come To Flaxen Thickness So I Roasted Until The Raw Smell Of Urad Dal Greasepaint Isgone.After Adding The Nuts The Flour Has Come Together So It Isn'T Delicate For Me To Shapethem.Also I Added Diced Dates Rather Of Dates Greasepaint Mentioned In The Originalrecipe.I Suggest You Add The Ghee Mentioned As I Read This Comestible Gond Creates Heat In Body. Ghee Reduces The Heat In Body.
  • Constituents: Comestible Gond/ Gond, Ghee, Sugar, Jaggery, Sugar, Ghee, Wheat Flour, Urad Dal Flour, Cardamom, Elachi, Little Nutmeg.
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  • Review

    Amit Rao
    Jun 20, 2022
    Crunchy blast of energy loaded Urad Gond Laddoo strengthens back bones & gives you delightful healthy experience . must eat product

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