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  • Golden Syrup
  • - Golden Syrup Is A Thick, Amber- Coloured Form Of Reversed Sugar Saccharinity, Made In The Process Of Refining Sugar Cane Juice Into Sugar, Or By Treatment Of A Sugar Result (Solution) With Acid. It'S Used In A Variety Of Baking Methods And Delicacies. It Has An Appearance Alike To Honey, And Is Frequently Used As A Backup For People Who Don'T Eat Honey. It Can Also Be Used As A Backup For Corn (Syrup).
  • Baker'S Syrup/ Mix Syrup/ Pancake Syrup/ Liquid Sugar/ Invert Saccharinity Are Loved By Further Than A Some Names. With A Balanced Sweetner Of Ripe Sugarcane And A Combination Of Fructose & Glucose, It Has A Rich Honey- Suchlike Texture And Cane Flavour. Hugely Thick Yet Free- Flowing, This Saccharinity Is Easy To Drizzle Over Waffles, Porridge, Pancakes, English Muffins Or Fruit Salads. Helps Uniform And Briskly Browning While Baking. Dissolves Easily In Hot And Cold Drinkables Likewise So Enjoy In Ice- Lemonade/ Ginger Ale/ Ice- Tea/ Mixes Etc.
  • About This Item:-
  • • It’S Thick, Smooth Golden-Colored (Syrup) Made From Cane Sugar That Has A Unique Scent And A Light Caramel Flavor.
  • • Golden (Syrup) May Look Like Honey In Color And Texture But They Taste Truly Different.
  • • You Can Drizzle Golden Drink On Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Scones, Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt, And Goods Like That. You Can Make Porridge With Golden Drink (Syrup).
  • • Golden Drink (Syrup) Can Be Used To Make Cookie, Rice Crispiest, Caramel Snack Mixes, Nutritive Bars, And Sorbets.
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
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