Gaunidhi Herbal Honey Almond Shampoo (110 Ml*2) (Pack Of 2)

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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  • Herbal Honey Almond Shampoo
  • This Honey & Almond Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) Works As A Natural Emollient Hair Cleanser That Provides Sufficient Nutrition To Hair Follicles That Make Your Hair Strands Stronger, Thus Reducing Hair- Fall. This Hair Cleaner Helps To Soften Dandruff Which Loosens Its Hold On The Scalp & Can Be Fluently Cleaned Out When Shampooing.
  • Honey, Sweet, Thick Liquid, Dark Golden In Color, Produced In The Honey Sacs Of Various Bees From The Nectar Of Flowers. Almond, Deliver A Range Of Essential Nutrients And Can Be A Good Source Of Protein. Almond Oil Is An Emollient, Meaning It Can Fill In Gaps In Your Hair At A Cellular Position And It Makes Your Hair Feel Silky & Smoother To The Touch. Almond Oil Contains High Quantities Of Vitamin E, Which Is A Natural Antioxidant.
  • Honey Has Both Emollient & Humectant Properties And Making It A Great Hair Moisturizer. Emollients Smooth The Hair Follicles And Gives Shine To Dull Hair. Humectants Bond With Water Molecules, Adding Humidity To Dry Strands.
  • Herbal Helps With Hair Strengthening Shampoo Refined With Proteins; You Can Eventually Restore Shine, Prevents Breakage, And Bring Your Hair Back To Life. Herbal Cleaner Honey And Almond Prepared For All Types Of Hair. Makes Hair Healthy, Silky, Bright, And Natural Dark.
  • We'Re Having A Range Of Herbal Products Which We'Re Offering Here On This Platform, We'Re Committed To Providing Each-Natural & Herbal Particulars To Our Customers. It's All Handcrafted And Pure. Results Are Visible After Continue Use.
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