Gaunidhi Herbal Aloevera + Cucumber Gel (150 Gm*2) Pack Of 2

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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  • Herbal Aloe Vera Cucumber Gel, It's A Naturally Soothing Gel That's Gentle On Your Hair & Skin While Hydrating And Nourishing It Contemporaneously. It's Also Extensively Used As A Remedy For Cuts, Burns, And Scrapes. It's Veritably Effective For Sunburns, Acne Scars, And Dark Spots. Made From Ripe Aloe Vera Leaves, Aloe Vera Gel, And The Purest You Can Get In A Bottle Uprooted From Ripe And Robust Aloe Vera Leaves. Boosts Impunity & Helps Quick Recovery Of Wounds. Multipurpose Beauty Gel, It Prevents Dryness, Keeps The Pores Tight, Soothes Inflammations, And Can Be Used As An Aftershave Gel And After- Shower Gel To Style Your Hair. Free From Chemicals, No Chemicals Are Added In This Gel & It Helps To Maintain The Natural Shine Of The Skin, Can Be Applied On The Red Skin Caused Due To Dryness.
  • 99% Pure Natural Aloe Vera Gel, The Gel Contains No Parabens, Color & Aroma To Deliver Maximum Benefit. Our Products Are Prepared In Small Batches To Insure Peak Freshness To You. Hydrates Skin, The Gel Completely Hydrates Skin While Keeping It Healthy And Glowing. The Hydration Lasts From Day To Night, Freezing Out The Need For Reapplication. Soothes Bothered Skin, It Soothes Irritation Caused By Rashes, Shaving & Sunburn. For Skin Inflammation, Apply A Generous Quantity Overnight To See The Smart Results. Anti-Ageing, Boosts Collagen Product, Leading To Stronganti-Aging & Skincare Effects. Stay Out From Infections, When Applied Topically On The Skin, It Helps Neutralize Infection-Causing Germs. Healthy Hair Helps Soften The Hair, Reduce Dryness, Check Dandruff & Itchy Scalp & Heal Bacterial & Fungal Infections.
  • Apply As After Shave Gel, Apply On Clean-Shaven Skin As An Aftershave Gel. Apply As Hair Styling Gel, It Can Also Be Used As An After- Shower Gel To Style Your Hair. Non-Greasy, It's Made With Constituents Like Pure Aloe Vera & Wheat Origin Which Are Salutary For Hair. It's Featherlight In Nature And Has None A Slithery Impact. Suitable For All Weather, This Aloe Vera Product Is Produced To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair In All Rainfall Conditions. This Product Is Beneficent For Your Hair And Skin No Matter What The Weather Condition Is And Doesn'T Fail To Suit Your Requirements At Any Time.
  • Ingredients Aloe Vera Juice, Xanthum Gum, Neem Excerpts, Cucumber Extracts
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