Gaunidhi Herbal 3X1 Aloevera-Lemon-Honey Body Wash (225 Ml)

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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  • Herbal 3X1 Aloe Vera-Lemon-Honey Body Wash
  • This Aloe Vera Lemon Honey Body Wash Is Ideal For Combination/ Oily Skin And Helps To Help The Occurrence Of Acne And Pimples. Body Wash Contains Numerous Vitamins And Antioxidants That Are Beneficent To The Skin. It'santi-Inflammatory And Soothes Skin.
  • It's Formulated With The Virtuousness Of Lemon, Honey, And Aloe Vera. This Gives You Glowing Skin. It Cures Marks And Improves Skin Quality. Gaunidhi Herbal Body Wash (Herbal 3In1Aloe Vera Lemon Honey) The Formulation Is A Mix Of Relishes Like Aloe Vera, Lemon, And Honey Which Have Efficient Value For Removing Dandruff, Healthy Hairs, And Luster Promoting, Salutary For Hairs Pacifying Without Any Side Effects. This Formulation Contains Natural Saponin Which Acts As Foam Boosters Thereby Removing All Types Of Dust From The Hairs Without Stripping Of Natural Oils And Leaving It Soft And Shining.
  • Aloe Vera Tones And Softens Your Skin, Cleansing Your Skin, Leaving It Feeling Fresh And Glowing, Embrace Brighter, Healthier Skin Lemons Are Known For Their Brilliant Cheering Properties. It Effectively Removes Unwanted Blights That Make Your Skin Look Dull And Unhealthy.
  • Lemon Widely Used In Cosmetics For Its Great Skin- Conditioning Properties, Lemon Has Stimulating And Tangy Properties Which Help Reduce Excess Facial Oil. Honey (A Natural Humectant That Boosts Skin Humidity), Almond ( Known As An Effective Emollient That Protects Moisture Hedge) & Aloe Vera (Helps Retain Water To Give A Soothing Feeling) In The Honey Moisture Boost Face Wash To Naturally Cleanse & Moisturize Your Skin For A Healthy Glowing Look.
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