Gaunidhi Gau Ark (Exclusive Box Packing) 210 Ml*3 (Pack Of 3)

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Gaunidhi Herbals

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  • Gaunidhi Gau Arka Is Collected From The Indian Cow Called The Gir Cow Or Desi Cow. It Is Then Distilled For The Highest Standards Of Hygiene And Safety. Treats Diseases With Vata Predominance. Heals Various Skin Disorders And Is Also Useful In Treating Edema, Chronic Obstructive Jaundice, Piles, Anco-Rectal, And Abdominal Diseases.
  • Cow Urine Is Helpful In Abdominal Tumors, Bloating. Cow Urine Corrects The Functioning Of The Liver. So, The Liver Makes Healthy Pureblood The Presence Of Gold Salts Protects The Body Against Illness 100 % Pure, Organic, And Natural Cow Urine No Added Preservatives. It Protects The Brain And Heart From Damages Caused By Mental Tension And Protects These Organs From Diseases & Disorders Very Good For The +Liver And Detoxification Of The Whole Body. Good For Pitta And Kapha Dosha Balancing. The Color May Change Slightly Due To Seasonal Variations Without Affecting Purity, Efficiency, Or Quality.
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  • Review

    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 22, 2022
    Good product for health. Gau Ark helps to boost our immunity of human body. Heals Various Skin Disorders and Is Also Useful in Treating diseases. This product is very effective in Ayrurvedic medicine
    Rekha kanwar
    Jun 22, 2022
    Cow Urine is very good liver and detoxification of whole body. Good for Pitta and Kapha Dosha Balancing....power to kill varieties of germs of the body,, best product must try

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